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Thousands of requests each hour are currently being received with misspelled query parameters or otherwise ill-formed URL syntax.
The REST API currently silently ignores the invalid query params, so the developer isn't aware their intent is not well formed.
Frequent Mistakes Description
/orders?pgsize=100 (or orderspgsiz, pg_siz, pgziz) It must be spelled pgsiz. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
/orders?order?pgsiz=100&pgnum=12 The ill-formed second ? makes "order?pgsiz" a query parameter. Therefore, the intended page size of 100 is ignored.
/orders?customerid=5&facilityid=7 Neither customerid nor facilityid are defined parameters for /orders. Numerous other examples similar to this for other URIs are received every day.
The customer/customeralertdefinitions rel has been replaced by the following rels:
Rel Description
customers/emailalertdef and customers/emailalertdefs To setup notitications via email for a customer (c2).
properties/emailtemplate To modify email templates at the threepl (c1) level.
customers/emailtemplate To create/modify email templates at the customer (c2) level
customers/ftpalertdef and customers/ftpalertdefs To setup notitications via ftp for a customer (c2)
reportdefs ssrssummary (http://api.3plcentral.com/rels/reportdefs/ssrssummary)
base report and its customizations, no RDL
C# Rel Const:
URI template:
Get report summary info including any customizations of the report.
Success status: 200; Response is cacheable
Name (* = required) Data Type Description
name * string base report name
customerid int specify to limit customer specific customizations to just one customer's
alternatepath string for access to reports not in the default path
A base report and its customizations, no RDL.
Type Description
Name string base report name
CanCustomizeBy Common.Enum.CustomizeReportBy for whome report can be customized
Common.Enum.CustomizeReportBy for whom a report can be customized
- 0: CustomerOnly all reports are customizable for specific customers; this specifies no other customizations allowed
- 1: CustomerAnd3Pl in addition to specific customer, report is customizable for threepl and for any customer
Customizations IList<ReportDef.Models.SsrsCustomizedReportSummary> list of existing customizations
ReportDef.Models.SsrsCustomizedReportSummary a specific customization of a base report, no RDL
CustomName string name of this customization; name unique within base report+customizedReportFor+customerId
CustomizedReportFor Common.Enum.CustomizedReportFor for whom report is customized
Common.Enum.CustomizedReportFor for whom a particular customization is made
- 0: Customer a specific customer; other parameters elsewhere specify the customer id
- 1: CustomerAny not a specific customer but any customer
- 2: TplOnly hidden from a customer's view, to be used internally within the threepl
CustomerId int? ... if customizedReportFor is Customer, the customer for whom it is customized
Sample accept: application/hal+json
  "name": "str",
  "canCustomizeBy": 0,
  "_embedded": {
    "item": [
        "customName": "str",
        "customizedReportFor": 0,
        "customerId": 1

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