API changes: ACTION REQUIRED. Click the following for more info.
Thousands of requests each hour are currently being received with misspelled query parameters or otherwise ill-formed URL syntax.
The REST API currently silently ignores the invalid query params, so the developer isn't aware their intent is not well formed.
Frequent Mistakes Description
/orders?pgsize=100 (or orderspgsiz, pg_siz, pgziz) It must be spelled pgsiz. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
/orders?order?pgsiz=100&pgnum=12 The ill-formed second ? makes "order?pgsiz" a query parameter. Therefore, the intended page size of 100 is ignored.
/orders?customerid=5&facilityid=7 Neither customerid nor facilityid are defined parameters for /orders. Numerous other examples similar to this for other URIs are received every day.
The customer/customeralertdefinitions rel has been replaced by the following rels:
Rel Description
customers/emailalertdef and customers/emailalertdefs To setup notitications via email for a customer (c2).
properties/emailtemplate To modify email templates at the threepl (c1) level.
customers/emailtemplate To create/modify email templates at the customer (c2) level
customers/ftpalertdef and customers/ftpalertdefs To setup notitications via ftp for a customer (c2)
maintains resources shared across services, such as facilities and their locations, units of measure, movable unit types, etc.
Rel (/rels/properties/ + ) On Billboard Description
threepl yes threepl application settings
threeplsummary yes threepl without application settings
threeplsummarybyguid yes threepl without application settings
facilities yes Collection: of facility
facilitiesactivate yes GroupOperator: activate/inactivate a list of facilities
facility a facility or warehouse within the 3pl having separate address and policies from other facilities
facilitycarrieraccount carrier account used for small parcel shipping
facilitycarrieraccounts Collection: of facilitycarrieraccount
facilitysummaries yes Collection: of facilitysummary
facilitysummary abbreviated facility record
location a storage spot within a facility
locationbillingtype a way to group locations for storage billing rates
locationbillingtypes yes Collection: of locationbillingtype
locationindex yes location index in the list of locations
locations yes Collection: of location
locationsactivate yes GroupOperator: activate/inactivate list of locations
locationsactivatebyfac yes GroupOperator: activate/inactivate list of locations
locationsbyfac yes Collection: of location
locationsbyfacbriefs yes skinny locations
itemclassification hierarchical categorization of items
itemclassifications yes Collection: of itemclassification
itemcommodities yes Collection: of itemcommodity
itemcommodity commodity code assignable to an item
storagecountscripts yes Collection: storage recurring billing scripts for counting inventory
unitofmeasuretype a unit for measuring quantities, such as carton, pallet, each, pound, etc.
unitofmeasuretypes yes Collection: of unitofmeasuretype
orders, receivers, other transactions
capacitytype container, trailer, etc.
capacitytypes yes Collection: of capacitytype
carrier service for moving goods, such as by truck, rail, or boat
carriers yes Collection: of carrier
packagedef dimensions of a packing material, usually a box
packagedefs yes Collection: of packagedef
pallettype pallet, slip, bag, etc.
pallettypes yes Collection: of pallettype
zpllabel zpl label for printing from mobile
zpllabels yes Collection: of zpllabel
apicredential an api credential, specific to one tpl
apicredentials yes Collection: of apicredential
carrieraccount yes the settings for a carrier account.
carrieraccountregistrar yes Operator: registers carrier account with external shipping partner
carrieraccountsmanifests yes Collection: carrier account manifests by facility
carrieraccountsmapping yes Operator: carrier account mapping in parcelapi
carrieraccountsmappings yes Collection: carrier account mapping in parcelapi
cellcarrier a cell phone service carrier
cellcarriers yes Collection: of cellcarrier
contact a contact (name, address, phone, email
contacts yes Collection: of contact
countries yes Collection: list of countries with states (regions)
emailtemplate yes master email template
emailtemplatefields yes email template substitution fields
enum yes name/value pairs
enums yes Collection: of enum
flushcache yes flush all caches
importproviders yes resource import providers, used for defining customer import channels
packinglisttemplate yes C1 packing list template
packinglisttemplates yes Collection: of packinglisttemplate
queryparametervalue the query parameter value associated with a query parameter token. Clients will never use this.
queryparametervalues yes Collection: of queryparametervalue
transformcustom transform custom object, either transforms a file into internal models or transforms internal models to a file.
transformcustoms yes Collection: of transformcustom
transforms yes a group of transform objects, each of which transforms a file into internal models or transforms internal models to a file.
xactionbillingscripttemplate template for an auto billing script including name, usage and parameter templates
xactionbillingscripttemplates yes Collection: of xactionbillingscripttemplate

This documentation is subject to change, and is updated often and without warning. The models documented may or may not be available to users now or in the future. Use this documentation at your own risk.
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