API changes: ACTION REQUIRED. Click the following for more info.
Thousands of requests each hour are currently being received with misspelled query parameters or otherwise ill-formed URL syntax.
The REST API currently silently ignores the invalid query params, so the developer isn't aware their intent is not well formed.
Frequent Mistakes Description
/orders?pgsize=100 (or orderspgsiz, pg_siz, pgziz) It must be spelled pgsiz. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
/orders?order?pgsiz=100&pgnum=12 The ill-formed second ? makes "order?pgsiz" a query parameter. Therefore, the intended page size of 100 is ignored.
/orders?customerid=5&facilityid=7 Neither customerid nor facilityid are defined parameters for /orders. Numerous other examples similar to this for other URIs are received every day.
The customer/customeralertdefinitions rel has been replaced by the following rels:
Rel Description
customers/emailalertdef and customers/emailalertdefs To setup notitications via email for a customer (c2).
properties/emailtemplate To modify email templates at the threepl (c1) level.
customers/emailtemplate To create/modify email templates at the customer (c2) level
customers/ftpalertdef and customers/ftpalertdefs To setup notitications via ftp for a customer (c2)
maintains resources relevant to shipping inventory, including orders with line items, allocation, packages, picking and packing
Rel (/rels/orders/ + ) On Billboard Description
batch order batch, with list of included orders
batches yes Collection: of batch
batchsummaries yes Collection: of batchsummary
batchsummary order batch, no list of included orders
batchsummaryindex yes item index in the list of batch summaries
bucketadder yes Operator: see add wt to batch bucket
bucketprocessor yes Operator: see process batch bucket
batchfile file attached to an order batch
batchfiles Collection: of batchfile
batchfilesummaries info about files attached to an order batch
orderfile file attached to an order
orderfiles Collection: of orderfile
orderfilesummaries info about files attached to an order
export yes create an export file for a group of orders
fileimport yes Operator: see fileparse, import
fileimportasync yes Async: fileimport
fileimportasyncstatus Status: of fileimportasync
fileparse yes Operator: parse order import file
import yes GroupOperator: of orders; create a group of orders
importasync yes Async: import
importasyncstatus Status: of importasync
multiexport yes create a group of export files for an order
order items
item order line item: sku and quantity info
itemallocate Operator: allocate order item
itemdeallocate Operator: deallocate order item
items Collection: of item
order lists
digestbriefs yes skinny digests
digests yes order partial info
summaries yes order short synopsis
fulfillinv order fulfillment invoice info
order yes order including routing, fulfillment invoicing, saved elements and order items (with allocations and saved elements)
orderallocate Operator: allocate order
orderasnmark Operator: mark order to send Advance Shipping Notice
orderasnsent Operator: mark order Advance Shipping Notice sent
orderautocharges Operator: add automatic charges (AutoCalcHandling and scripted charges)
ordercancel Operator: cancel order
ordercomplete Operator: complete order, customer is done specifying order and order item info
orderconfirm Operator: confirm order, deamed shipped and can't be modified
orderdeallocate Operator: deallocate order
orderpackdatesetter Operator: set pack-done-date to Now
orderpackstarter Operator: set packstarted to true
orderpickticketdatesetter Operator: set pick-ticket-print-date to Now, meaning pick ticket report was generated
orderrouting update properties defining how order will be shipped
ordershort Operator: short the order by reducing quantities to fully allocated
ordersplit Operator: split order into two orders, one fully allocated and one totally unallocated
ordertransfer Operator: transfer order to different facility
orderunconfirm Operator: unconfirm order, no longer deamed shipped and can be modified
savedelements order saved elements
bolgenerate Operator: Generate a BillOfLading id for a single order
bolsgenerate yes GroupOperator: of bolgenerate
masterbolclear yes Operator: Clear MasterBillOfLading id for multiple orders
masterbolgenerate yes Operator: Generate BillOfLading id for each order without one, and a common MasterBillOfLading id for multiple orders
orders yes Collection: of order
ordersallocate yes GroupOperator: of orderallocate
ordersasnmark yes GroupOperator: of orderasnmark
ordersasnprecheck yes Operator: Prior to sending an ASN, list orders that fail the chosen customer ASN pre checks
ordersasnsent yes GroupOperator: of orderasnsent
ordersautocharges yes GroupOperator: of orderautocharges
orderscancel yes GroupOperator: of ordercancel
orderscomplete yes GroupOperator: of ordercomplete
ordersconfirm yes GroupOperator: of orderconfirm
ordersconfirmaftermath yes Operator: With respect to one or more newly orders, mark affected receive items as 'fully shipped' and insert appropriate move histories
ordersconfirmasync yes Async: orderconfirm
ordersconfirmasyncstatus Status: of ordersconfirmasync
ordersdeallocate yes GroupOperator: of orderdeallocate
orderspickticketdatesetter yes GroupOperator: of orderpickticketdatesetter
ordersrouting yes GroupOperator: of orderrouting
ordersshort yes GroupOperator: of ordershort
orderssplit yes GroupOperator: of ordersplit
ordersunconfirm yes GroupOperator: of orderunconfirm
packinglistaddresser Operator: generate packing list addresses
package a labeling unit (carton)
packagecontent a quantity of a given sku in a package
packagecontents Collection: of packagecontent
packagehavenots yes packageless orders
packages Collection: of package
packagesconsolidate Operator: consolidate order's packages into one package
packagesconsolidatebycustomdims Operator: consolidate order's packages into one package by package custom dimensions
packagesconsolidates yes GroupOperator: of packagesconsolidate
packagesconsolidatesbycustomdims yes GroupOperator: of packagesconsolidatebycustomdims
packagesgenerate Operator: generate packages (based on setup info)
packagesgenerates yes GroupOperator: of packagesgenerate
packageslabeltemplates yes Collection: request the label templates
packagessummarize Operator: summarize package info
packagesucc128label yes Collection: request the Ucc128 labels for multiple orders and all of their packages
packageucc128label Operator: request package UCC-128 label
containermanifest yes Operator: Create a container manifest
containermanifests yes Collection: Returns a container manifest list for reprint
orderparcelcanceler Operator: cancel parcel shipment for order
orderparcelfinalizer Operator: finalize parcel shipment for order
orderparcellabelrefs Operator: request parcel label(s) references for order
orderparcelreturnlabel Operator: request parcel return label(s) for order
orderparcelshippinglabel Operator: request parcel shipping label(s) for order
orderparceltmwexporter Operator: export order for tmw
ordersparcelautorateshop yes GroupOperator: parcel auto rate shop for orders
ordersparcelautorateshoponship yes GroupOperator: parcel auto rate shop for orders
ordersparcelbatcherrors yes Collection: request a list of batch errors
ordersparcelbatches yes Collection: request a list of batches
ordersparcelbatchlabels yes Operator: request a completed batch, get its labels and update tracking, charges, labels, and int'l docs
ordersparcelcanceler yes GroupOperator: of orderparcelcanceler
ordersparcelfinalizer yes GroupOperator: of orderparcelfinalizer
ordersparceloptions yes Collection: request parcel options
ordersparcelreturnlabel yes GroupOperator: of orderparcelreturnlabel
ordersparcelshippinglabel yes GroupOperator: of orderparcelshippinglabel
ordersparcelshippinglabelhighvolume yes Collection: async process for high volume shipping
ordersparcelshippinglabelsdatabase yes GroupOperator: Get labels from database after high volume
ordersparcelshippinglabelshighvolume yes Collection: Get labels for high volume shipping on ParcelApi
ordersparceltmwexporter yes GroupOperator: of orderparceltmwexporter
parcelapibatchcompletedwebhook Operator: batch completed webhook for shipengine, triggers a request for a completed batch, gets its labels and update tracking, charges, labels, and int'l docs
shipenginebatchcompletedwebhook Operator: batch completed webhook for shipengine, triggers a request for a completed batch, gets its labels and update tracking, charges, labels, and int'l docs
load record a loadout
mispick record a mispick
ordersbybin yes open orders in a given bin
pick record a pick
pickcandidates yes order pick information for determining whether to start picking
pickjob pick job for one or more orders
pickjobcomplete Operator: complete a pick job
pickjobload Operator: load a pick job
pickjobs yes Collection: of pickjob
pickline representation of a pickline
picklineassign assign pickline
picklineunassign unassign pickline
picklist get consolidated pick list for given job
startpick Operator: set pickstarted
unpick record an unpick

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