API changes: ACTION REQUIRED. Click the following for more info.
Thousands of requests each hour are currently being received with misspelled query parameters or otherwise ill-formed URL syntax.
The REST API currently silently ignores the invalid query params, so the developer isn't aware their intent is not well formed.
Frequent Mistakes Description
/orders?pgsize=100 (or orderspgsiz, pg_siz, pgziz) It must be spelled pgsiz. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
/orders?order?pgsiz=100&pgnum=12 The ill-formed second ? makes "order?pgsiz" a query parameter. Therefore, the intended page size of 100 is ignored.
/orders?customerid=5&facilityid=7 Neither customerid nor facilityid are defined parameters for /orders. Numerous other examples similar to this for other URIs are received every day.
The customer/customeralertdefinitions rel has been replaced by the following rels:
Rel Description
customers/emailalertdef and customers/emailalertdefs To setup notitications via email for a customer (c2).
properties/emailtemplate To modify email templates at the threepl (c1) level.
customers/emailtemplate To create/modify email templates at the customer (c2) level
customers/ftpalertdef and customers/ftpalertdefs To setup notitications via ftp for a customer (c2)
inventory resources, including receivers, adjustments, assemblies, purchase orders, count schedules, and available inventory lists
Rel (/rels/inventory/ + ) On Billboard Description
adjustment yes adjustment of item quantities in a facility and associated charges
adjustmentreverser reverse the item quantity changes and charges from an adjustment
adjustments yes Collection: of adjustment
assemblies yes Collection: of assembly
assembly realization of a kit
audit a task to count inventory in a subset of locations within a facility
auditadjust adjust inventory counts based on an audit
auditcount a count for one location and sku of an audit, including actual and expected quantities
auditcounts Collection: of auditcount
auditlocationcounts collection of counts for one location of an audit
audits Collection: of audit
auditstatechange transition an audit's status to a different state
auditswap Swap quantity between inventory records to reflect a physical inventory count
assemblyfile file attached to an assembly
assemblyfiles Collection: of assemblyfile
assemblyfilesummaries info about files attached to an assembly
receiverfile file attached to a receiver
receiverfiles Collection: of receiverfile
receiverfilesummaries info about files attached to a receiver
export yes GroupOperator: create an export file for a group of receivers
fileimport yes Operator: see fileparse, import
fileimportasync yes Async: fileimport
fileimportasyncstatus Status: of fileimportasync
fileparse yes Operator: parse receiver import file
import yes GroupOperator: of receivers; create a group of receivers
importasync yes Async: import
importasyncstatus Status: of importasync
multiexport yes create a group of export files for a receiver
movers and shakers
mover yes move of inventory to a different location
shaker yes change trackbys and saved elements on inventory
other actions
allocation an allocation of inventory
inventoryitem yes an inventory increase
inventoryreduction yes an inventory decrease
purchase orders
purchaseorder expectation of receipt of items
purchaseorderindex yes PO index in the list of POs
purchaseorders yes Collection: of purchaseorder
receiver items
pallet specific instance of a received pallet, bag or other such unit
pallets yes Collection: of pallet
receiveitems yes the collection of receive items independent of any receiver
receiveritem receiver line item: sku and quantity info
receiveritems Collection: of receiveritem
receiver lists
digestbriefs yes skinny receiver digests
receiverdigests yes receiver partial info
receiverdigestsasync yes Async: receiverdigests
receiverdigestsasyncdata receiver partial info - obtained asynchronously
receiverdigestsasyncstatus Status: of receiverdigestsasync
receiversummaries yes receiver short synopsis
asnconverter Operator: convert asn to receiver so actual quantities can be entered
receiver receipt of items into a facility
receiverautocharges Operator: add automatic charges (AutoCalcHandling and scripted charges)
receivercancel Operator: cancel receiver
receivercomplete Operator: complete receiver, customer is done specifying receiver and receive item info
receiverconfirm Operator: confirm receiver, placing its items into inventory
receiverlocate Operator: assign receiver items a location based on directed putaway setup
receiverramark Operator: mark receiver to send Receipt Advice
receiverrasent Operator: mark receiver Receipt Advice sent
receiverunconfirm Operator: unconfirm receiver, removing its items from inventory
relocator move all items on a movable unit to a new location before confirmation
savedelements receiver saved elements
receivers yes Collection: of receiver
receiversautocharges yes GroupOperator: add automatic charges (AutoCalcHandling and scripted charges)
receiverscancel yes GroupOperator: of receivercancel
receiversconfirm yes GroupOperator: of receiverconfirm
receiversconfirmasync yes Async: receiversconfirm
receiversconfirmasyncstatus Status: of receiversconfirmasync
receiversramark yes GroupOperator: of receiverramark
receiversrasent yes GroupOperator: of receiverrasent
receiversunconfirm yes GroupOperator: of receiverunconfirm
stock status
inventory yes inventory for management purposes
inventoryasync yes Async: inventory
inventoryasyncdata inventory for management purposes - obtained asynchronously
inventoryasyncstatus Status: of inventoryasync
inventorybriefs yes skinny inventory
inventoryexpiring yes inventory expiring
inventoryheldreallocate yes GroupOperator: hold/release inventory
inventoryhold yes GroupOperator: hold/release inventory
itemminimum minimum reached item
locationminimum minimum reached location
locations locations plus contents, including empty locations
stockdetails yes item trackbys, availability, by receive item
stockinfosforris yes item information to support events for a list of receive items
stockinfosforwts yes item information to support events for a list of orders, receivers, adjustments and/or assemblies
stocksummaries yes item availability
stocksummariesfororder yes item availability for order
stocksummariesforris yes item availability for a list of receive items
stocksummariesforwts yes item availability for a list of orders, receivers, adjustments and/or assemblies
c2ctransfers yes transfer of inventory to different customer

This documentation is subject to change, and is updated often and without warning. The models documented may or may not be available to users now or in the future. Use this documentation at your own risk.
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