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Thousands of requests each hour are currently being received with misspelled query parameters or otherwise ill-formed URL syntax.
The REST API currently silently ignores the invalid query params, so the developer isn't aware their intent is not well formed.
Frequent Mistakes Description
/orders?pgsize=100 (or orderspgsiz, pg_siz, pgziz) It must be spelled pgsiz. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
/orders?order?pgsiz=100&pgnum=12 The ill-formed second ? makes "order?pgsiz" a query parameter. Therefore, the intended page size of 100 is ignored.
/orders?customerid=5&facilityid=7 Neither customerid nor facilityid are defined parameters for /orders. Numerous other examples similar to this for other URIs are received every day.
The customer/customeralertdefinitions rel has been replaced by the following rels:
Rel Description
customers/emailalertdef and customers/emailalertdefs To setup notitications via email for a customer (c2).
properties/emailtemplate To modify email templates at the threepl (c1) level.
customers/emailtemplate To create/modify email templates at the customer (c2) level
customers/ftpalertdef and customers/ftpalertdefs To setup notitications via ftp for a customer (c2)
Identifier Properties.

Explanation of Identifier Properties in Models

Each Identifier property within a model declares a reference to another resource.

For example, consider this Order snippet:

  "readOnly": {
    "batchIdentifier": {
      "nameKey": {
        "customerIdentifier": {"externalId": "eid", "name": "nm", "id": 3},
        "name": "bnm"
      "id": 1
    "customerIdentifier": {"externalId": "eid", "name": "nm", "id": 3},
    "facilityIdentifier": {"name": "fac", "id": 2},
    "createdByIdentifier": {"name": "usr", "id": 4},
    "lastModifiedByIdentifier": {"name": "us2", "id": 5}
  "referenceNum": "ref#",
  "unit1Identifier": {"name": "Each", "id": 1}

Observing the json above, we see the customerIdentifier provides 3 alternate keys to the customer record: externalId, name, or id.

The facilityIdentifier provides 2: name, or id.

However, though the batchIdentifier provides 2 alternates, the nameKey alternate is a complex type consisting of a customerIdentifier and a name because batch names are unique within customer.

Get vs. PUT/POST

GET requests return identifiers fully populated with all alternatives.

However, PUT and POST require only one alternative. The id is always preferred to the other alternatives. Do not specify the id if you want another alternative to take precedence for resolving a reference to a particular record.

Contact Info special case

When contained in an Order or PurchaseOrder model, the ContactInfo property is similar to an Identifier, meaning it can identify an existing contact.

Within an Order or PurchaseOrder, it can be used to create a new contact if id or code is not specified.

Other instances of ContactInfo, such as Customer.CompanyInfo, Facility.Contact, and ThreePl.CompanyInfo, it is always used to create the initial contact record, with subsequent PUTs updating this record.

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